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Founded in 1995, is a high-techenterprise specialized in researching and developing, manufacturing, marketingand serving of connection equipment for communication networks, heatshrinkable sleeve for gas oil anti-corrosion pipeline, power cabinet forrailways system, lightning protection cabinet, and protection products for signalcable.





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  • Dec-052023

    How to use optical fusion splicer And what are the common faults during use?

    Optical fusion splicer is a device used to fuse the ends of optical fibers together to create a seamless optical fiber connection. Here are the general steps for using a fiber optic fusion splicer, along with common issues that may arise during the process and their solu...

  • Nov-092023

    We participated TURKMENTEL2023 in Turkmenistan.

    On November 9th and 10th, 2023, we participated in TURKMENTEL2023 in Turkmenistan. Our FIBER SPLICE CLOSURE, FIBER DISTRIBUTION BOX, HEAT SHRINKABLE SPLICE CLOSURE, ODF, etc. have been consistently praised by local customers.

  • Sep-272023

    Global 5G Subscribers Will Exceed 2 Billion By 2024 (By Jack)

    According to the data from GSA (by Omdia), there were 5.27 billion LTE subscribers worldwide by the end of 2019. For the whole of 2019, the amount of new LTE members had globally exceeded 1 billion, a 24.4% annual growth rate. They constitute 57.7% of global mobile users. By region, 67.1% of LTE ...